Bathroom Remodeling In Florida

A great way to invest into your Florida home is bathroom remodeling. Turning an outdated older bathroom into a luxurious new space will completely change the look and feel of the room.

With bathroom remodeling, you can get what you’re looking for in a relaxing, private space where you can unwind at the end of a long day. Call EUROPEAN REMODELING & SERVICES to get started on your Florida bathroom remodeling project.

Hiring a remodeling contractor is the first step in making sure you have great success with your renovation project. We work with both residential and commercial customers, so call us now.

Plumbing Fixtures

A big part of the bathroom remodeling project is picking out the perfect plumbing fixtures. When you meet with your Florida remodeling contractor, you’ll discuss options such as:

  • Tubs & Shower
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Toilets

All of these components help make your bathroom more functional, beautiful, and comfortable. Opting for the most modern of amenities will ensure that you’re finally able to enjoy this room.

The goal of renovating your bathroom is to make it convenient and comfortable and there is nothing wrong with wanting a touch of luxury, as well.

Your plumbing fixtures are the main event in this space. Even if you have a tight budget, decide which of these features you want to splurge on.

At least one component should be lavish; it will help you enjoy this room more. At the end of a long workday, you should be able to use this space to relax completely.

When it comes to superior results for bathroom remodeling in your Florida home, give our team of experts a call. We’ll show you, in person, how our name has become synonymous with high-quality service and results.

Kitchen Remodeling In Florida

A great way to improve your Florida property is with kitchen remodeling. This means finding an Florida remodeling contractor to partner with throughout every step of the job.

EUROPEAN REMODELING & SERVICES team is ready, willing, and more than capable of providing you with high-quality results. We take this line of work seriously and it shows with every job we take.

Adding in key elements like new flooring, cabinetry, lighting, countertops, and energy saving appliances during your kitchen remodeling will add value to the property. We can turn your outdated kitchen into the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Kitchen Lighting

Few homeowners realize the importance of getting proper lighting during the kitchen remodeling process. Be it residential or commercial, you’ll need to partner with a reputable remodeling contractor to make important decisions.

  • Layer Your Lighting

Don’t rely on just one type of lighting, have layers. This enables you to have maximum lighting when preparing food and softer ambient lights during other times. The bottom line is that it’s better to have too much lighting than not enough.

  • Don’t Forget Heights

Having a tall kitchen ceiling makes the space feel bigger and tends to prevent smoke and odors from lingering as much. However, if you don’t add hanging or lower lights, you’re not going to have sufficient lighting for food prep.

  • Allow for Natural Lights

However, don’t forget that’s only helpful on sunny days and not during overcast days or any time after about 4 PM. Add plenty of artificial lighting to supplement natural lighting.

When it’s time to get serious about tackling the kitchen remodeling project for your Florida household, give our experts a call.

Basement Finishing In Florida

There are several reasons basement finishing for your Florida home is such a good idea. Too many homeowners waste this space; leaving it as a dark, damp storage space.

Partner with a reputable Florida remodeling contractor and make the most of every square foot of your home. Basement finishing unlocks the true potential of your entire home and provides you with a variety of possible options.

From a family game room to a workout space to a man cave to a spare bedroom, whatever you dream up we can create. Whatever you decide, you’ll feel good knowing you aren’t still wasting space inside your home.

Basement Lighting

A large part of the basement finishing job is the importance of proper lighting. More than likely you won’t have much or any natural lighting. Since basements are notoriously dark anyway, it’s crucial to include enough supplemental artificial lighting.

  • Accent lights are ideal for eliminating shadows. It’s great because you can turn them off completely, use them in conjunction with overhead lights, or solo creating a softer ambiance.
  • For low ceilings, use recessed lighting. Because this is set into the ceiling, it doesn’t use up any existing space, so it helps keep the room feel more open.
  • Stagger lighting to fill the room with more light and reduce the likelihood of shadows.
  • Floor lamps are also a great way to light up a room’s smaller spaces, like the corners of the room.

Above all else, only work with a remodeling contractor who realizes and emphasizes the importance of including plenty of lighting. It’s much easier to not use all the lighting you have than to not have enough and wish you had more.

To get the highest quality results for your Florida basement finishing, contact the European Construction & Design.

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