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    **The Curriculum must be sent in .PDF Format

    ***The tool does not offer work in itself, nor does it publish the available vacancies.

    Opportunities Program

    This is a tool of European Remodeling & Services, used for the recruitment of human talent, with experience and work profile adjusted to the demands of the company, through the Internet.

    Opportunities: is aimed at all those interested in doing academic and thesis internships, as well as those who wish to work at European Remodeling & Services.

    This tool is the only access door through which an applicant can get in touch with the Company that has set the standard in the supply chain and construction tools import and export of industrial parts and, in this way, be considered for the development options offered by European Remodeling & Services.

    What opportunities have to offers?

    Opportunities offers flexibility and convenience to register, direct interaction with European Remodeling & Services and fast and effective administration of candidates.

    In addition, it ensures that the records entered will be received in a timely manner, and will not expire, since the applicant can update them regularly.